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Time Zones

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time zones


seeing as back fourteen centuries ago people probably did

not understand much about time zones, the quran's

statements about this subject are considerably surprising.

the concept that one family is having breakfast as the sun comes up while another family is enjoying the brisk night air is truly something to be marveled at, even in modern time. indeed, fourteen centuries ago, a man could not

travel more than thirty miles in one day, and thus it took him literally months to travel from india to morocco, for

example. and probably, when he was having supper in morocco, he thought to himself, "back home in india they are having supper right now." this is because he did not realize that, in the process of traveling, he moved across a

time zone. yet, because it is the words of allah, the all-

knowing, the quran recognizes and acknowledges such a



in an interesting verse it states that when history comes to

an end and the day of judgment arrives, it will all occur in an instant; and this very instant will catch some people in the daytime and some people at night. this clearly illustrates allah's divine wisdom and his previous knowledge of the existence of time zones, even though such a discovery was non-existent back fourteen centuries ago. certainly, this phenomenon is not something which is obvious to one's eyes or a result of one's experience, and

this fact, in itself, suffices as proof of the quran's  authenticity.



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