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it is this very sort of thing - confronting people with facts -

that had captured the attention of many non-muslims. in fact, there exists a very interesting reference concerning

this subject in the new catholic encyclopedia. in an article

under the subject of the quran, the catholic church states:


"over the centuries, many theories have been offered

as to the origin of the quran... today no sensible man

accepts any of these theories!!"


now here is the age-old catholic church, which has been

around for so many centuries, denying these futile

attempts to explain away the quran.


indeed, the quran is a problem for the catholic church. it

states that it is revelation, so they study it. certainly, they would love to find proof that it is not, but they cannot. they cannot find a viable explanation. but at least they are

honest in their research and do not accept the first unsubstantiated interpretation which comes along. the

church states that in fourteen centuries it has not yet been presented a sensible explanation. at least it admits that the quran is not an easy subject to dismiss. certainly, other

people are much less honest. they quickly say, "oh, the quran came from here. the quran came from there." and they do not even examine the credibility of what they are

stating most of the time.




of course, such a statement by the catholic church leaves

the everyday christian in some difficulty. it just may be

that he has his own ideas as to the origin of the quran, but

as a single member of the church, he cannot really act upon his own theory. such an action would be contrary to the obedience, allegiance and loyalty which the church

demands. by virtue of his membership, he must accept

what the catholic church declares without question and

establish its teachings as part of his everyday routine. so, in essence, if the catholic church as a whole is saying, "do not listen to these unconfirmed reports about the quran," then what can be said about the islamic point of view? if even non-muslims are admitting that there is something to the quran - something that has to be acknowledged - then why are people so stubborn and defensive and hostile

when muslims advance the very same theory? this is

certainly something for those with a mind to contemplate -

something to ponder for those of understanding!


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