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The Holiest Night

Auther : By Lina, 11yrs.
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1977 2010/11/16 2020/05/25

many of you might know this night as “laylat al kadr” or the “holiest night”. but what if it is not really in the 27th. but the 28th., or 25th., or 24th  and so on. allah narrowed it down to the 10 last days of ramadan.

you must be wondering why allah did not just say what day it is in the quran!! here is the answer to your question; he did not say it, so we won't be the best muslims just at that night only.


this night has its own story; here is what happened:

muhammad peace be upon him was told the message by jebril -peace be upon him- one a specific day, but while he was walking to tell his friends the date, he saw two men fighting. he stopped to help the two men, but when the problem was solved there was another problem, he had forgotten the date of the holiest night of all. but one thing he did know was that this night was in the last ten days of ramadan.

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