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Consulting others

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any teacher may face problematic issues and complicated matters for which he finds himself unsure or may stand unable to find a solution. he sometimes may find it difficult to understand certain matter or some of his students may ask him a question but he cannot find an answer for it. in this regard, the teacher may have several options: he may think deeply to find an answer, or may apologize and this is good because the teacher in this case will not speak about things which he doesn't know. but some teachers may speak and answer the issue without having prior knowledge about it and this is not good because it spoils the ideas of the students rather than correcting them. the teacher may also search for the answer by making researches and reading or by requesting the consultancy of experienced person.

allah the almighty said: {and consult them in the matter}(ali-imran: 159). ibn sa'di said: we should consult others in the matters which need thinking and searching. asking for consultancy has several benefits such as: the consultancy enlightens our thinking and guides us to the right opinion. the one who consults will rarely commit mistakes, and even if he commits mistake, he will not be blamed. allah the almighty told his prophet, although he has the most perfect human mind {and consult them in the matter}, so, how about others?

1- ibn abbas, may allah be pleased with him, said: when this verse was revealed {and consult them in the matter}, the prophet, peace be upon him, said: "allah the almighty and his prophet are in no need for consultancy, but allah made it as a mercy for my people; therefore, the one who consults will be guided to the right and the one who does not consult may fall in the wrong".

this hadith demonstrates how taking consultancy supports to reach the truth and how leaving consultancy may lead to committing mistakes; therefore, it is better for each teacher to ask for consultancy from experienced persons regarding any problematic issue in order to find the truth, avoid mistakes and get rid of the pride which may prevent him from asking others. the teacher should ask about anything not known by him without feeling disregard; contrary, asking about unknown things is considered a sign of wisdom and logic.


1) consultancy helps the teacher in solving the problematic issues.

2) asking consultancy is not a sign of disregard or disrespect; contrary, it is a sign of wisdom and logic.

taking consultancy from others helps to reach the truth and avoid mistakes.

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