Implanting the Right Belief and Enhancing Faith throughout the Learning Process

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only few teachers implement this method. by this methodology, the teacher can enhance the right belief in the minds of the students when he teaches them the sciences, geography and other fields of knowledge. allah the almighty said: {and of his signs is that you see the earth stilled, but when we send down upon it rain, it quivers and grows. indeed, he who has given it life is the giver of life to the dead. indeed, he is over all things competent} (fussilat: 39). this verse demonstrates how allah the almighty sends down rain to a barren land to spread life again in it, just like his power in raising people from death in the hereafter. the good teacher should know how to link between the natural phenomena and the matters of belief as mentioned in the previous verse. allah the almighty demonstrated in that verse the condition of the land which needed rain since a long time and became barren due to the lack of rain. when allah sends down rain to such land, the life will appear again and the plants will grow. then, allah demonstrated to the people that the case of giving life again to such barren land is just like raising the dead people from their graves in the hereafter.  this explanation refutes the position of those who deny resurrection. similarly, if the teacher wants to speak about the mountains, it is recommended to demonstrate its benefits and how it fasten earth and prevent any movement. then he can mention the following verse: {have we not made the earth a resting place? and the mountains as stakes?}and the following verse: {then do they not look at the camels – how they are created? and at the sky – how it is raised? and at the mountains – how they are erected?}(al-ghashiyah: 17-19).


the holy koran is full of such examples. let's now see how the prophet, peace be upon him, was implanting the right belief in the minds of his companions, may allah be pleased with them:

abu huraira, may allah be pleased with him, said: the prophet, peace be upon him, said: (there is no effect for infection, no ground to take the month of safar as a bad omen, and no ground to take the owl as a bad omen). one of the public said: o prophet of allah, why then non infected camels get infected when it mixes with mangy camels? the prophet, peace be upon him answered: (then which camel caused infection to the first one?)


 al-hafez ibn hajar said: they were thinking that when a sick person mix with them they will get sick also; therefore, the islamic sharia denied and invalidated this thought. when one of the public asked the prophet, peace be upon him, about the infected camel, he answered: “then which camel caused infection to the first camel?” i.e. from where the manginess came? if it came from another camel, then from where the other camel got manginess? and so on until reaching the first infected camel. otherwise, if there is another reason it should be demonstrated. therefore, allah the almighty is the creator of everything.



1) it is recommended to implant the right belief by using the sciences, other than the islamic ones, as a mean to connect the muslim with his religion in all fields of life.

2) this method helps in enhancing the right belief in the minds of the students and helps in bringing up a generation with strong belief.

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