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Embrace these Treasures

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embrace these treasures

it was narrated by ahmad that the prophet (peace be upon him): “when people accumulate gold and silver, you should accumulate these words: ‘allaahumma inni as’aluka al-thabaat fi’l-amr, wa ‘azeemata ala a-rushd, wa as’aluka shukra ni’matika, wa husna ‘ibaadatika, wa as’aluka qalban saleeman, wa as’aluka lisaanan saadiqan, wa as’aluka min khairi ma ta’lam, wa a’oodhu bika min sharri ma ta’lam, wa astaghfiruka mimma ta’lam, innaka anta ‘allaam ul-ghuyoob.”
“o allah, i ask you for steadfastness in this matter, and i ask you for the resolve toadhere to the path of guidance (i.e., to adhere to all matters that lead to what which is right and proper), and i ask you to thank your blessing, and to worship you properly (i.e., so that i may perform all acts of worship in a manner that is pleasing to you), and i ask you for a sound heart, and i ask you for a truthful tongue, and i ask you from the goodness of what you know, and i seek refuge with you from the evil of what you know, and i ask you for forgiveness for that which you know; you are the knower of the unseen.”



du'a - supplication for travel

ibn omar (ra) reported: whenever the messenger of allah (peace be upon him) mounted his camel for setting out on a journey, he would recite: “allahu akbar (allah is greatest),” thrice. then he (peace be upon him) would supplicate: “far removed from imperfection is the one who has made this subservient to us, for we have no power to subjugate it, and certainly to our rubb (lord) shall we return. o allah, we ask you during this journey of ours for righteousness, piety and such deeds as are pleasing to you. o allah, make easy for us this journey of ours and make the distance short for us. o allah, you are our companion during the journey and the guardian of the family and the property in our absence. o allah, i seek refuge in you from the hardships of traveling, unhappiness connected with ghastly scenes and evil turns in property and family.” when he returned, he recited this supplication making addition of these words: “we are those who return; those who repent; those who worship and those who praise our rubb (lord).” [sahih muslim]

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