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The Protection of the Last Prophet

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Like all the other Prophets, the truths conveyed to people by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) led him to become subject to various torments and slander and he had to face much cynicism. Many different slanders were directed towards him and he lived under oppression and the threats of death from non-believers for many years.

Despite all these difficulties, the fact that Prophet Muhammad continued his struggle without coming to any physical harm is one of his most important miracles. This was promised in the following verse; "And Allah will defend thee from men (who mean mischief." (Al-Maida, 67)

Allah always protected the Prophet and he continued to convey his mission until the very end. This amazing truth exists both in the Quran and in the Hadiths related to the words of the Prophet. (His protection from the polytheists inside the cave, the non-believers' failure to kill him, the illusion that the Islamic armies consisted of much greater numbers during battles...) 

The acceptance of  the Prophet's prayers Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) revealed many miracles to his companions. One of these miracles is the fact that his prayers were accepted by Allah. There are many accounts in the Hadiths related to this issue. Among these are the prayers he said in order to change the qiblah (the direction of prayer), the acceptance of his prayer for rain, and the fact that his prayers were realized when he prayed for a companion.  

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