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The Warner and Exhorter

2294 2012/05/19 2024/04/22

During one his meditative trips to a cave near Makkah, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) receives the revelation. Divine revelation is the reaffirmation of the fact that celestial knowledge is essential in guiding the inherently limited human intellect. The profundity of this realization that he is the recipient of this divine revelation and the enormity of the task ahead overawes him.


Initially he shares the message only with his closest family and a few loyal supporters. it is both fascinating and revealing that even the individual who would later be rated as the most influential man in human history had these initial periods of doubt and uncertainty about his mission. It was the reassurance from the quran and the confidence and support of his wife khadijah (may allah be pleased with her), and his close companions which provided him the support he needs-surely a lesson for us lesser mortals!  

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