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Longing for Ramadhaan - II

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2724 2012/07/19 2024/05/27

Make the month of Ramadhaan be the beginning of a new life, full of obedience and virtue; make it be the start of your maintenance of prayers in the mosque; make a pledge now to never again abandon even a single prayer; forget the notion that you cannot wake up and pray Fajr with the congregation; purify your hearts with the recitation of the Quran; shed tears over the evil you have committed in the past, perhaps Allaah may forgive you and transform your sins into reward; remember that the mercy of Allaah is greater than the sins of anybody; end sinning and pay no attention to the criticism that you would draw by doing so; never underestimate any sin - stop shaving your beards, shun cigarettes and intoxicants and adhere to the Hijaab.

If you are one who used to consume intoxicants, then shun them immediately, because they are prohibited. If you had dealings that involved Ribaa (i.e., interest or usury) then cease doing so. If you were accustomed to taking bribes, then content yourselves with that which is lawfully attained, because it is better for you and your children; purify your wealth from all ill-gotten money and be assured that by doing so, Allaah will replace that which you dispose of from the ill-gotten money with something blessed and better. If you used to prevent others from doing virtuous deeds, then repent to Allaah, and do not continue being a human devil. Train yourselves during this month to compete in virtue because this is a characteristic of the Prophets, may Allaah exalt their mention, about whom Allaah Says (what means): "…Indeed they used to hasten to good deeds and supplicate Us in hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive." [Quran 21: 90]

Pay no attention to those who wish that you remain disobedient and far from the guidance of Allaah; they do this because, usually, fornicators wish to see everyone around them doing the same, and those who deal in Ribaa wish that all others partake in the same types of financial transactions as theirs, so beware, lest they prevent you from repentance and deprive you from goodness, because Allaah likes that you repent while those who follow their desires like that you become inclined towards them and their actions. Some people wish that everyone around them will become supporters and assist them in their evil; listen to what Allaah Says (which means): "Allaah wants to accept your repentance, but those who follow their passions want you to digress [into] a great deviation. And Allaah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and mankind was created weak." [Quran 4: 27-28]

O young men! O you who is deceived by his youth! Be merciful to yourself; protect your honour and preserve your religion. Stop wasting your life in disobedience to your Lord; do you not ever think about the Day on which Allaah will question you about this youth and how you spent it? Why do you insist on excluding yourself from those whom Allaah will shade under His throne on the Day when there will be no other shade but His? Why are you lagging behind in following and imitating your Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam and his companions  who would rush towards virtue? This is an advice to you, and I hope you will follow it; repent now and adhere to the commandments of Allaah and fulfil His rights upon you; be of those who never miss a prayer in the mosque, because that is where success lies, and it is the way leading to Paradise and its rivers and maidens; open a new page in your life full of obedience and dutifulness towards your parents.

Dear sisters! Obey Allaah and His messenger ; be obedient wives as long as your husbands do not order you to do an act of disobedience to Allaah; help your husbands become obedient men and know that the first step in your true repentance is materialised in your adherence to the Hijaab. Also, beware of walking in the streets adorned and never shake hands with non Mahram (i.e., unmarriageable men).

Many are those who were advised but never listened; they saw people passing them by, on their way towards success, but never joined the caravan; time began running out for them, but they insisted on remaining heedless, until their time came to an end; they then regretted what they did during their lives, but alas … it was already too late.

Imaam Ibn Al-Qayyim  said: “Whenever you see a man with a heart that has shunned the love of Allaah and has ceased to prepare for His meeting, and has replaced that with loving others, and is content instead with the pleasures of this life, then know that such a heart is ruined; whenever you see that the eyes have become dry, then know that this resulted from the hardness of the hearts, and the furthest people from Allaah are the hardhearted ones; whenever you see one who rejoices in being with other people more than being in isolation in supplication to Allaah, then know that this is a useless heart and one that leads (its owner) to punishment."


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