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Why Laylatul Qadr Is Better Than Thousand Months?

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The Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said: "As Laylatul Qadr approaches, Almighty God ordered Gabriel (as) accompanied by a multitude of angels descending to Earth with a green flag".


He would ride the banner at the top of the Ka'aba with six hundred wings that are not deployed, except in Laylatul Qadr which display them during that night, and he and all the other angels will host all you were doing their prayers, sitting, worshiping or reciting the Holy Quran. They will greet hand these people and offered to Almighty God, the exalted and majestic, to accept their requests and will continue to do so until dawn.


Why better than a thousand months?

Mathematically this evening, which is composed of new schedules, is honored by God, exalted and majestic, which are more than eighty-three years which is the equivalent to thousand months.

The Umayyads fought against Islam since its inception and thus fought against the family of the Prophet (BPD), which are those of Ahlul Bayt (P) all the time who were in power. Auto-declarado first Umayyad governor was Abu Sufyan and the last was Muawiyah al - Himar.

If you find the period that extends from the first year in which Abu Sufyan forced his authority over Muslims until the Umayyads lost control of his power, you get to a figure equivalent to thousand months. It is as if the Holy Quran is saying that one night in the sight of God, exalted and majestic, it is better than all the thousands of these corrupt Umayyads months they ruled the force in that period of time the Muslim masses.

Ibn Abbas, quoted on page 5351 of "al - Saheeh to the Jami" that the Noble Prophet Muhammad (BPD) stated: "Laylatul Qadr is easy, indolent, or very hot or very cold, the output of the Sun on his pale red morning".

The Blessed Prophet (pbuh) was saying in Laylatul Qadr morning the sun rises without rays, with the appearance of a sink until it is high. Laylatul Qadr is a serene night, neither hot nor cold, and no Comet is released during it. He has been quoted in a book called "Iqbal", written by Abul Fadl ibn Muhammad al - Herawi, the Blessed Prophet (pbuh) said: "who is to stay awake during nights of Laylatul Qadr and pass in worship, your punishment will be postponed until next year".

The Prophet Moses (as)

Once, the Prophet Moses (as) told the Almighty: "I want to be close to you" in which God, exalted and majestic said: "whoever want to be close to me, must stay awake (worshiping) during Laylatul Qadr nights".

"And wish to earn your mercy" - God, exalted and majestic said: "That is granted to one who is merciful with the indigent for tonight".

"And wish to turn in the right direction" - God, exalted and majestic said: "This is awarded to he who gives alms during Laylatul Qadr".

"I want to enjoy the trees and fruits of paradise - the Almighty said: 'That is awarded to those who praise me during tonight'."

Again the Prophet Moses (P) asked: "would like to achieve salvation from the fire - God, exalted and majestic, said:"That is awarded to one who seeks forgiveness during Laylatul Qadr"."

And then the Prophet Moses (P) said, "Oh God, want achieve your complacency!" the Almighty said: "I'll be happy with anyone who perform two cycles of prayer during this night".






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