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The Best Kinds of Remembrance – Heart & Tongue

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 The Best Kinds of Remembrance – Heart & Tongue


Among those who remember Allah are those who begin remembering with the tongue even if he is negligent. He continues to do so until his heart is involved too.

Others do not agree with that and do not start while in a state of negligence, but instead wait until the heart is ready. He begins with his heart and then involves his tongue in remembrance.

The first supplication goes from his tongue to his heart and the second from his heart to his tongue without empting any of the contents of his heart. He just waits until he feels that the utterance is ready to be verbalized. When he feels that his heart will utter! then the heart’s utterance would pass to verbal utterance.

Then he would engross himself in that until he finds that every part of his being is supplicating Allah.

The best and more useful kind of supplication is what the heart and tongue are involved in, to be from among the prophetic supplications, and whoever is reciting it feels its meaning and aims.




Source: Al-Fawaaid – A COLLECTION OF WISE SAYINGS – Imam Ibn AI-Qayyim,
Rendered into English by: Bayan Translation Services


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