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he is muhammad – peace be upon him - (1) son of abdullah son of abdul muttaleb son of hashim al qurashi, and he descends from ismael son of ibrahim – peace be upon them.

prophet muhammad – peace be upon him – has several names, and he has mentioned some of them in his tradition: "i have five names; muhammad, ahmad, the eliminator as allah the almighty has eliminated infidelity by me, the resurrection sign as the people will be resurrected after my prophethood, and i am the last prophet" (2) whom no prophet comes after.

the american anthropologist ralf linton said: "muhammad – peace be upon him - was born in makkah on (april 20th, 571 a.d) from a well-positioned family but his father died before his birth and his mother died also when muhammad – peace be upon him – was six years old .. in the first years of his puberty, he was working as a shepherd.. when he attained seventeen years old (3) he went to syria with his uncle (4) for the purpose of trading… when he attained twenty forth years of age, he worked for a rich widow – lady khadijah, may allah be pleased with her – and has assumed travelling with her trading caravan on her behalf. after a year – i.e. 595 a.d – he has married that widow – khadijah may allah be pleased with her - who was forty years old and who has married twice before. she has two sons and one daughter from her previous marriages. after marriage, she has given birth to two sons but they died while they were infants (5), and four daughters. during the period between 595-610 a.d. muhammad – peace be upon him – became a well-respected merchant in makkah, and was known as the "honest" because of his faith, honesty and wisdom" (6)


1) guinness world records confirmed that the name of "muhammad" has achieved the highest average among the names of people as more than 70 million worldwide are bearing the same name; therefore, it is the most ever popular name. moreover, the british daily telegraph newspaper mentioned that the name of muhammad is the most popular name among the births in england & wales in 2006, more than the name of "george"! (london – the islamic news agency: 8/1/2007).

2) narrated by al-bukhari, volume 2, good traits book, chapter: the narrations about the names of the prophet peace be upon him. it was narrated also by muslim in the book of virtues, chapter: the names of the prophet peace be upon him – no. 2354.

3) the right is in the age of 12 years (ibn al jawzi: talqih fohom ahlul athar, page 7).

4) abu taleb.

5) they are: al qasim & abdullah, and they died when being infants before the prophethood of muhammad peace be upon him.

6) ralf linton: tree of culture, 1/340.

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