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The World before the Prophet's Mission

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while the eastern and western worlds with their futile philosophies were living in the dark eras of thinking and corrupt worship, the bright light of muhammad the prophet of allah the almighty, peace be upon him, emerged out of makkah, illuminated the world and guided it to islam".

prophet muhammad - peace be upon him - was born while the people were suffering from ignorance, backwardness, and the moral and cultural deterioration.. the arab people in the arabian peninsula were worshipping idols, burying the newborn girls alive, profiting from adultery and prostitution. the persian people were worshipping fire and the tyrant kisra has planted casteism and hatred among the persian people. hercules planted the sectarian conflicts among the roman and killed anyone opposing his doctrine. moreover, the governing roman authority was suffering from the financial, administrative and political corruption to the extent that they have imposed a tax on people called "head tax"; an amount of money paid by the citizen in order to save his life!

consequently, "you can see the popular willingness to commit suicide. the people at such era were not only wishing suicide but also were striving to do it!!

like this, the world was drowned with injustice and backwardness until allah the almighty has sent this faithful and honest prophet, muhammad peace be upon him.

in this regard henry masseh stated:

"thanks to the religious and political reforms by muhammad – peace be upon him – which are integrated and unified ones, the arab people became aware and left the darkness of backwardness and disorder to arrange their entry to the urban history".

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