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Muhammad the Man; Great in Everything

Auther : Yehya Ibrahim ElYehya
46425 2007/11/01 2024/06/15

Muhammad the Man; Great in Everything 




Muhammad (pbuh) the man was great in everything……..great in all aspects and fields.


Great in his manners:


"Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) was never furious"

"Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) never failed to keep his promises"

"Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) never took revenge for himself"

"Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) never hit a woman"

"Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) never lied"


Before his mission he was described as the truthful & the faithful and after the prophecy, our mother Aisha said: "his manners were the Quran".



Great in his political vision:

"He said after al-Ahzab conquest: as of today we will invade them, not they us."


Great in his spirituality:

"He used to pray till his feet swell and says:" shouldn't i be a thankful slave to Allah".


Great in his forgiveness of his enemies:

"Go your way, for you are free men"


Great in inspiring hope in the hearts of people:

"such matter (Islam) will spread like the night and day, to the extent that a woman will go out from her home in Hiraa’ to Ka'ba fearing no one but Allah".


Great in his courage:

"When he said on the day of the conquest of Honayn: i am the prophet no lying, i am the son of Abd Al-Muttaleb."


Great in his ability of gathering people around him:

He knew the capabilities of people and used to place everyone of them in the right place……



Great with the youth:

He used to gather the youth and organize a competition for them in throwing arrows, saying: "throw o grandsons of Ismael, for your grandfather was a thrower". He used to organize them in teams and include himself in one of those teams, so his team used to keep on throwing without the others doing the same. He then used to ask them: "why don't you throw?" they replied:" how can we do so while you are one of the other team". He (pbuh) said:" throw and I am with you all."


Great in the eyes of his wife:

The testimony of Khadijah:"[Oh Muhammad] Allah will never let you down". Wives are the best judges of their husbands and the best knowing their faults.














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