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The Scientific Method in Representing the Prophet's Biography

Auther : Yehya Ibrahim ElYehya
33220 2007/11/01 2024/04/17

The Scientific Method in Representing the Prophet's Biography


Writing the prophet’s biography is called in general “history”; it supports recording the past events which happened serially. This serial order was the scientific basis depended in writing and recording biography.


So the writers and scholars of the prophet's biography were recording the correct biography depending on an accurate scientific base; following the right source and the well known narrator in transmitting the hadith (the prophet’s sayings and actions) exactly as it was told by the prophet (pbuh).

Faithfully they wrote these events without involving their thoughts or psychological impressions or even doing any modifications.



They saw that the historical event being known from very accurate scientific bases must be a very clear, holy reality. They also saw that it is an unforgivable dishonesty when an empowered governor might remove any event from this biography according to his own beliefs. But the biography of the prophet (pbuh) is protected according to the bases and fundamentals of the scientific studies.



 The biography saved the whole story of the prophet since his birth passing by his childhood which shows the superb miracles, also the inspiration phenomena and it also shows that his ethics and honesty let him obey Allah in peace and in war, and the Quran and Sunnah (the prophet’s sayings and actions) witness that.

So history really saved his biography from any irregularity.


Contriving the results, verdicts and principles from this biography does not relate to the recording of the history any more. It is considered a scientific job and depends on a separate system which is a distinguished scientific independent work.



Many rules and verdicts can be contrived according to these scientific bases concerning the belief and certitude and some others concerning legislation and the conduction.


The most important thing here is to assure again that this contrivance was completely independent from recording history, it was based on the scientific basis resulted from a scientific struggling  and effort as history recording that was based on these scientific rules.




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