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The Items of the Pact

7209 2007/11/20 2024/06/22
Article translated to : العربية

the most important provisions of the treaty are the following:

  1. the jews of bani ‘awf are one community with the believers. the jews will profess their religion, and the muslims theirs.
  2. the jews shall be responsible for their expenditure, and the muslims for theirs.
  3. if attacked by a third party, each shall come to the assistance of the other.
  4. each party shall hold counsel with the other. mutual relation shall be founded on righteousness; sin is totally excluded.
  5. neither shall commit sins to the prejudice of the other.
  6. the wronged party shall be aided.
  7. the jews shall contribute to the cost of war so long as they are fighting alongside the believers.
  8. madinah shall remain sacred and inviolable for all that join this treaty.
  9. should any disagreement arise between the signatories to this treaty, then allâh, the all-high and his messenger shall settle the dispute.
  10. the signatories to this treaty shall boycott quraish commercially; they shall also abstain from extending any support to them.
  11. each shall contribute to defending madinah, in case of a foreign attack, in its respective area.
  12. this treaty shall not hinder either party from seeking lawful revenge.[ibn hisham 1/503,504]

madinah and its suburbs, after the ratification of this treaty, turned into a coalition state, with madinah proper as capital and muhammad [pbuh] as ‘president’; authorities lay mainly in the hand of the muslims, and consequently it was a real capital of islam. to expand the zone of peace and security the prophet [pbuh] started to enter into similar treaties with other tribes living around ‘his state’.


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