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A True Lover of Allah

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 A True Lover of Allah


Hadhrat Zunnun Misri (rahmatullahi alayh) said: "I was informed of a Yemeni buzrug (pious person) who was unique in humility and fear of Allah Ta`ala. After I had completed Hajj, I decided to visit him so that I may derive the benefits of his naseehat (advice). Several people accompanied me on the journey to Yemen. Among them was a youth of exceptional piety. All the signs and bearings of the Sulahaa (pious) exuded from his countenance, which glittered with Khauf-e-Ilaahi (Fear of Allah). Without any physical ailment, his face had become pale. Without any calamity, tears flowed from his eyes. Solitude was his companion. He loved to be alone. Looking at him, one would think a great calamity had just befallen him.

We rebuked him for his extreme austerity and penances, but he remained silent. He would not reply. Day by day his penances and efforts would increase. This youth journeyed with us until we reached the home of the Yemeni buzrug. After knocking on his door, the buzrug appeared. He looked like a man who had just emerged from the grave. The youth was the first to greet and speak. Addressing the buzrug, the youth said: ‘Allah Ta`ala has made you and other Auliyaa (Friends of Allah ) like you, the physicians of the heart. There is a wound in my heart. I will be greatly indebted to you if you would kindly provide me some balm for my wound.’

The Sheikh said: ‘Ask what you wish to.’

The youth said: ‘Hadhrat, what is the sign of Khauf-e-Ilaahi?’
Sheikh: ‘When the bandah(person) is blessed with Khauf-e-Ilaahi, he becomes fearless of all other fears and Allah’s fear becomes grounded in his heart.’
Hearing this, the youth shuddered and fell down unconscious. On regaining consciousness, he asked: ‘Hadhrat, when is a man certain that he has Khauf-e-Ilaahi?’

Sheikh: ‘He abandons pleasures in the same way as a sick man abstains from delicious food because of the fear of the illness deteriorating, and he tolerates bitter medicine. Similarly, the one who has Khauf-e-Ilaahi abstains from worldly pleasures.’
On hearing this, the youth let out such a shriek which led us to think that his soul had departed from his physical body. After a while he became conscious and asked: ‘What is the sign of Divine Love?’

Sheikh: ‘Friend! The stage of Divine Love is extremely lofty.’

Youth: ‘Please say something!’

Sheikh: ‘The veils are lifted from their hearts and they perceive the splendour and grandeur of their True Beloved with the anwaar (rays of Divine light) of their hearts. Their souls are always connected to the lofty spiritual realm. The barriers are removed from their hearts. Their intelligence is heavenly. They dwell in the assembly of the Malaa-ikah (Angels). They perceive all this with their eyes. Their whole effort is expended for the ibaadat (worship) of Allah Ta`ala. The purpose of their ibaadat is neither desire for Jannat(Heaven) nor fear for Jahannum(Hell).’

When the youth heard this discourse, he let out a spine-chilling screech and fell down dead. The Sheikh kissed him and sobbed. He then commented: ‘Look at the fear and humility of those who fear and love Allah Ta`ala. This is their elevated rank.’"

[The veils of Divine Love was lifted. Its splendour claimed his life.]

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