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The Second Stage: A New Phase of Islamic Action

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12396 2007/11/21 2024/06/21
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al-hudaibiyah truce marked a new phase in the process of islamic action and life of the muslims. quraish, a bitter enemy of islam, now withdraws from the war arena and embraces a peaceful settlement with the muslims, thus the third support of a tripartite enemy (quraish, ghatfan and the jews) is broken, and being the holder of the banner of paganism in arabia, the other pagans’ aggressive feelings towards islam considerably subsided. ghatfan tribe no longer constituted any remarkable threat, and their provocative deeds were mainly jewish-instigated actions. the jews, after being banished from madinah, resorted to khaibar to change it into a hot bed of intrigues against the prophet [pbuh]. there, they used to hatch their plots, ignite the fire of dissension and allure the arabs living in the vicinity of madinah to join them with the aim of exterminating the new islamic state, or at least inflict heavy losses on the muslims. the prophet [pbuh] , not heedless of their devilish schemes, placed a decisive war with them as a first priority on his agenda shortly after the endorsement of the above-mentioned treaty. the treaty of hudaibiyah allowed the muslims to intensify their islamic career and double up their ceaseless efforts in propagating their da‘wah, and consequently give this sort of action preponderance over the military activities. hence, we deem it imperative to divide this post-treaty stage into two sections:

  1. ceaseless peaceful efforts in propagating the islamic da‘wah (call) and initiating a sort of correspondence with kings and princes of the neighbouring political entities.
  2. military activities.


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