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Quraish Prepares for Revenge

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the defeat at badr was an ignominy which the quraishites pride could not leave unavenged. revenge was, therefore, the catchword all over makkah. the makkans even forbade lamenting over their murdered people, or ransoming their captives at badr battle lest the muslims should realize the grave degree of sadness and feeling of tragedy they were experiencing.

in the wake of badr event, quraish was in common consent and started fresh preparations to launch an overall war against the muslims in order to restore their blemished prestige and wounded pride. the most enthusiastic polytheists desiring to go into a new battle were ‘ikrimah bin abi jahl, safwan bin omaiyah, abu sufyan bin harb, and ‘abdullah bin abi rabi‘a. they were determined to crush the commonwealth of islam once and for all. emissaries were sent to all the tribes to make common cause against the rising faith. as a consequence of this, they managed to enlist the support of two well-known tribes kinana and tihamah besides some desert bedouins ahabish. it was also decided that the profits of the escaped caravan headed by abu sufyan, which amounted to 1000 camels and 50 thousand dinars, should be devoted for providing equipment to the army. the noble qur’ân has alluded to this decision of theirs in the following words:

"verily, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (men) from the path of allâh, and so will they continue to spend it; but in the end it will become an anguish for them. then they will be overcomed." [al-qur'an 8:36]

they also devised other ways of recruitment including hiring poets to entice the tribes into fighting the muslims. safwan bin omaiyah allured abu ‘azza, the poet to work in this context in return for riches after the war or supporting his daughters if killed. incidentally, this poet was prisoner of war (in the context of the badr events) in the hands of the muslims and the prophet [pbuh] was gracious enough to release him unransomed provided he would not engage in fight against him.

abu sufyan nursed the most grudge against muslims because he had lost most of his supplies in as-sawiq invasion, let alone the heavy economic losses that quraish had sustained in the aftermath of the events that featured the platoon of zaid bin harithah.

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