Khalid bin Al-Waleed Turn Round to the Rear of the Muslim Army

Article translated to : العربية

the shrewd khalid bin al-waleed seized this golden opportunity to turn swiftly round to the rear of the muslim army and encompass them. exterminating ibn jubair and his group, they fell promptly upon the rear of the muslims and his horsemen uttered a shout that signalled the new military developments. the polytheists returned once again to counterattack the muslims. an idolist woman — called ‘umra bint ‘alqama al-harithiyah — rushed to the lying-on-earth standard, picked it up and hoisted it. the idolaters gathered together around the standard and called out unto one another till they encircled the muslims and stoodfast to fight again.

the muslims consequently got entrapped between two millstones.

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