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The Statement of Sir William Moyer

9311 2007/11/22 2024/06/19
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concerning the researcher; sir william moyer in his book life of muhammad , he speaks about the morals of the prophet (peace be upon him) in a tremendous estimation for the mildness of the prophet (peace be upon him) and compassion, gentleness and tenderness saying:

“and among the virtues of muhammad (peace be upon him) ,which are very clear and worth mentioning, are the mildness and respect through which he treats his companions even the humble ones of them. that is because tolerance and modesty have prevailed in his soul and fastened his love in the hearts of all the people around him. he hated to say “no”, so if he couldn’t reply the question of the person who asks, he preferred to keep silent rather than to reply. he was known to be more bashful than the virgin in her private room. a’aisha (may allah be pleased with her) said that if he got angry of something it was recognized in the features of his face. he didn’t mention any bad words about anybody but for the sake of allah. it is reported that he didn’t refuse the compliance of anybody’s invitation however humble he was. also, he didn’t refuse the acceptance of any given present however small it was. moreover, when he sat with anybody whoever he was, he didn’t’direct his knee up to his face out of pride and arrogance.


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