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The Statement of the French Historian Gustave Le Bon

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gustave le bon [1], in his book "religion and life", spoke about the high moral standards of prophet muhammad, peace be upon him, especially, his mercy, and tenderheartedness:

“muhammad (peace be upon him) had high moral standards, wisdom, warm heartedness, deep sympathy, mercy, truthfulness, and fidelity. [2]

those morals were the reason of attracting the views of impartial thinkers to the prophet of islam, peace be upon him, and considering him one of the greatest figures of history.

somewhere else, gustave le bon, said:

"if the value of men was to be measured by the great acts they did, muhammad (peace be upon him) was one of the greatest figures throughout history. western scholars started to be fair with muhammad (peace be upon him), though religious bigotry made several other historians blind to acknowledge his virtue [3].


[1] gustave le bon, borne 1841, a well-known french historian, paid special attention to the orient civilizations. some of his books are "arab civilization"(paris 1884), "egyptian civilization", "arab civilization in spain".

[2] gustave le bon "religion and life" p. 67

[3] gustave le bon "civilization of the arabs" p. 115


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