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The Call of his Mercy

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in the name of allah the all gracious, the all merciful


allah, the most exalted, says," and we have sent you (oh muhammad) not but as a mercy for all mankind" (al-anbiaa:107)

allah says it as it is, using the way of  “negation and exception“, and thus the meaning is that you are not but a mercy; you are not anything else but the mercy as the prophet himself says, "oh people i'm not but a given mercy".


so as muhammad's call is for all mankind, this message is a mercy for all mankind as well and the holy quran, in which the word mercy and its derivatives have been mentioned for 300 times, is also a mercy for all mankind; it is a mercy in itself, its instructions and its laws.


in the same framework, washington airwing says," the quran is calling for mercy, purity and a high moral doctrine.


the holy quran also, in jack raisler's point of view," finds solutions for all issues, links the moral and the religious law, seeks creating order and social unity as well as lifting poverty, cruelty and superstitions. it seeks for supporting weak people, recommends good deeds and commands mercy."


“the quranic instructions“, as alice lichtenstadter says,“ are the instructions of justice for all, mercy for the weak, kindness and charity. and these are the ways that allah puts in one's hands in order to achieve his salvation, and so he is responsible for his deeds and his destiny."


the quran is also a the best way of guidance to the whole mankind.


nasry salhab says," prophet muhammad (pbbuh) was illiterate who  neither knew how to read nor how to write and suddenly gives mankind the best written trace by which all mankind was dreaming since it was created, it was the holy quran, the book that allah has revealed to his prophet in order to guide the pious people."


and there is no doubt that the morals of mercy is the basic factor of attracting people to embrace islam or as ali joul says," the kindness , the mercy and the good spirit of humanity are considered the best proof for me that this religion is true." and this is the same matter that bashir chad describes saying," islam is indeed the religion of mercy, love and human compassion."




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