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The Moderateness of his Mercy

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it is also worth mentioning, though, that the prophet's blessing and peace be upon him mercy was of a special type in the sense of being balanced and just. in other words, he is merciful without demonstrating weakness, he is modest but not humiliated, he is a warrior who does not betray, a politician who does not lie, meanwhile for war purposes, he utilizes tricks but never breaches agreements and covenants. in this context, his foes through his truthfulness and honesty - became secured. his attitude combines between delegating his affairs to allah but concurrently thinking and planning, between worship and work, and between mercy and war.

after presenting muhammad's blessing and peace be upon him ethics and moral in it comprehensiveness, we must explain that it works through a consistent, harmonized and coherent system aiming to fulfil the desired purpose. not one trait expands to eat up the other, neither one trait acts against its counterpart. just exactly as the role of quran and sword in the prophet's call. quran, in his hand, was a book of guidance for whoever wishes to be guided. the sword was there to deter one who initiates aggression against him blessing and peace be upon him.

george hanna refers to the balanced character of the prophet saying:

"he (pbuh) refused the concept of turning his left cheek to one who slaps his right.. rather he pursued his course with no fear, equipped with the message of guidance calling those who adopted a peaceful approach towards him on one hand and on the other the sword fighting those who fought him. in the early stages of the call, few people believed him, this little group endured their share, just exactly as he did, of oppression. they formed the nucleus of islam as well as the torch that ignited the message of muhammad blessing and peace be upon him"

another apparent demonstration of balance is the consistency of the trait of mercy. blessing and peace be upon him is merciful during all of his status, stages and attitude. pre and post the message, pre and post makkah opening, he is merciful. he managed to maintain a merciful approach during victory and defeat, difficulty and ease, during travel and when he is at home.. etc.

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