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Congregational Prayer

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From amongst the lofty qualities of the Islamic Shari`ah is that it has legislated many actions of worship to be done in congregation. The Muslims gather that they may keep in contact with each other, come to know each other, seek advice from one another, seek help in removing any difficulties that they may be in and discuss various issues with each other. This contains great benefit and many desirable points which cannot be enumerated such as teaching the ignorant, helping the needy, softening the hearts and manifesting the greatness of Islam. The Divine Revelation endorses this understanding for when it prohibits and commands it does not direct this prohibition to any specific individual but to the congregation as a whole. Allah says,


"O you who believe! Bow, prostrate and worship your Lord. Perform the good so that you may be successful and perform Jihad in the way of Allah as it should be done…" [al-Hajj (22):77-78]       

When the Muslim stands before Allah, intimately conversing with Him and humbling himself before Him he does not speak as an individual rather he speaks as one part of the whole. He says,


“You Alone do we worship and You Alone we ask for help” [al-Fatihah (1):5].     

He does not say, ‘it is only You I worship and it is only Your Aid I seek.’ Then he asks Him from His goodness and guidance but he does not ask for himself only, instead he says,


“Guide us to the Straight Path. The Path of those whom You have guided, not [the path] of those who have earned [Your] anger nor those who have gone astray” [al-Fatihah (1):6-7].     


Indeed the congregational prayer is from the greatest of means to removing sectarian differences and racism based upon ones colour, race or land. Through the congregational prayer the Muslims attain mutual love, respect and brotherhood. This because the elders become known and are thereby respected, the poor and needy become known and are thereby helped, the scholars become known and are thereby asked, and the ignorant become known and are thereby taught.



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