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The Prophet’s children

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All the Prophet’s offspring, with the exception of Ibraheem, were born to Khadeejah . Below is a brief account of the Prophet’s children.


1- Qasim

He was the eldest son of the Prophet , and thus the Prophet was called “Abdul Qasim” (the father of Qasim). He died when he was about two years old.


She was the eldest daughter of the Prophet . She was born after Qasim, and was married to Abdul Aas bin Rabi’a, the son of her aunt Hala bint Khuwaylid. Zaynab had a son named Ali and a daughter, Umama, whom the Prophet would place in his lap during prayer. Zaynab died in the earlier part of 8 A.H., in Madinah.


3-Umm Kulthoom

After the death of Ruqayyah, the Prophet returned from Badr and gave Umm Khulthoom to Uthman bin Affan in marriage. She had no children, and died in 9 A.H. and was buried in Baqi.


The youngest daughter of the Prophet, she was married to Ali bin Abi Talib after the Battle of Badr. She gave birth to two sons, Hasan and Husayn, and two daughters, Zaynab and Umm 299 Khulthoom. Fatimah died six months after the death of the Prophet . All five children mentioned above were born before the Prophet was appointed Allah’s messenger.



There is some difference of opinion whether Abdullah was born before or after the advent of Islam. He was the last of the Prophet’s sons born to Khadeejah, and died during childhood.



Ibraheem was born in Madinah in Jamad Al-Awwal or Jamal Al-Akhir, 9 A.H. His mother was the Prophet’s maid, Mariya Qibtiya. On the day of his death, Shawwal 29, 10 A.H., a solar eclipse occurred in Madinah. The people believed that the eclipse was to commemorate Ibraheem’s death, but the Prophet informed them that astronomical events were not affected by human affairs. Ibraheem was sixteen or eighteen months old when he died, and was buried in Baqi, and the Prophet said, “He will be nursed by one of the maids in Paradise.”

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