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The Prophet’s features and character

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The Prophet’s physical appearance was described in detail by his Companions.


The Prophet’s face


The bridge of the Prophet’s nose was high and shiny. His mouth was wide, and there were spaces between each of his teeth. His teeth were bright, appearing like tiny hailstones when he smiled, and they sparkled as he talked. The Prophet’s beard was black, thick and full, covering most of his chest. A few grey hairs showed on his ear lobes and chin.

Head, neck and hair

The Prophet had a large head on a long neck. His hair was slightly curly, and he wore it parted in the middle. Sometimes he kept his hair so long it touched both his shoulders, while at other times it fell just above his earlobes. He had a few grey hairs on his head and beard together.



The Prophet was big boned with large elbows, shoulders, knees and wrists. His palms and feed were wide. His arms were heavy and hairy, and his heels and calves were light. He had broad hirsute shoulders, but his chest was broad and hairless, with only a line of hair running from his chest to his navel.


Build and stature

The Prophet was of a medium build, being neither fat nor thin. He had a straight body. Although he was not particularly tall, he rose above most men in height.



Several of the Prophet’s Companions have mentioned a fragrance, sweeter than any perfume, emanating from the Prophet’s body. Anas says: “I never smelt any musk or any other such perfume that was as sweet as the fragrance of the Prophet.” Jabir says: “The Prophet’s fragrance lingered after he left, and we could tell which path he had taken by sniffing the air.” If the Prophet happened to shake hands with anyone, the fragrance would remain with that person for the whole day. When he spread his hand over a child’s head, others would discern his fragrance on the child. Umm Sulaym used to collect some of the Prophet’s sweat in a small bottle and would mix it with perfume.

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