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A lamp and a moon giving light

Auther : Dr. ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Muslih
Under category : Divine Gifts
1064 2019/01/29 2024/04/20
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{A lamp and a moon giving light}

 Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {Blessed is He who has made constellations in the sky, and He made therein a lamp and a moon passing light.} [Quran 25:61]



Scientific Evidence

The energy of the sun, our “cosmic nuclear reactor”, comes as the result of combusting hydrogen, its main ingredient, and internally transforming it into helium.

Due to its density, high pressure, and heat reaching 15 million degrees Celsius, there occurs a nuclear reaction and the fusion of four hydrogen atoms into one helium atom. This causes a difference of mass between the initial component and the final product. This in turn causes the emission of electromagnetic energy and the emission of short radioactive waves from the sun’s surface in the form of visible, infrared and ultraviolet rays. This means that the sun obtains its energy from within itself through a natural process of nuclear fusion and under conditions of high pressure, density and heat. It is like a giant nuclear reactor used to provide the earth with its light, warmth and energy.


The sun is considered a star. It is a shining celestial body that spontaneously generates power. The moon is more like a planet. It is a fixed celestial body that reflects the light given off by the rays of stars and suns. As such, it functions in the same way as planets.


The Miracle:

Over 1,400 years ago, the text of the Noble Quran pointed to the difference between stars and planets, using the example of the sun and the moon.

This realization was reached by modern astronomers after the discovery of telescopes and by applying the studies of photometry and spectrometry to stars and planets in the past few centuries. What is a star if not a shining celestial body that spontaneously generates power? What is a planet if not a fixed celestial body that reflects the light given off by the rays of stars and suns?

The sun is counted as a giant nuclear reactor swimming through space at a great speed. It is light, energy and heat at varying levels and in varying forms. It is not an illuminating disc with a static light. Rather, it is a dazzling lamp {and We made a dazzling lamp.} [Quran 78:13]

As for the moon, it is a planet that reflects the light of the sun, thus illuminating the night on earth. The confirmation of this already came in the two previously mentioned noble verses of the Quran. Who then told Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,  about these facts? It was only Allaah.

{This is a message to mankind, to be warned thereby, and to know that He is only one god; and so that those with perceptive cores may take heed.} [Quran 14:52]



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