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Auther : Dr. ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Muslih
Under category : Divine Gifts
969 2019/04/14 2024/07/20
Article translated to : العربية Français


Allaah The Almighty Says (what means):

{Say: I do not find in that which was revealed to me anything forbidden for one to eat, except the dead animal, spilled out blood, the flesh of swine—for that is filth—or an abomination consecrated for other than Allaah. But whoever is forced by need, while not craving or transgressing due limits, then verily your Lord is forgiving and merciful.}

(Quran, 6:145)

Scientific Analysis

Science has come to perceive some points in such things that are deemed prohibited to consume in Islamic legislation which safeguarded its adherents many centuries before the invention of microscopes, and in the same order as in the verse: the dead animal where bacteria grows, then blood where bacteria grows faster especially if there is much blood, and finally swine, in whose  body many dangers accumulate and are unresponsive to conventional modes of purification. The body of the young pig is a breeding ground for parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can be easily transmitted to both man and beast. Some of these dangers are specific to swine, like balantidiasis, trichinosis, taeniasis, and cysticercosis, as well as other diseases transmitted between humans and animals, called zoonoses—including various kinds of influenza—and parasites like fasciolopsis and ascaris (causing ascariasis).

Balantidiasis is particularly often found among swine herders and their families, and it spreads as an epidemic, as seen in the 1972 outbreak on the island of Truk in the Pacific Ocean; this was the result of a storm that caused the spread of pig feces throughout the island.

Disease is found wherever pigs are found, even in industrially advanced countries. This counters the claim that it is possible to contain such squalor by way of some modern techniques. We have seen such advanced nations like France, Germany, the Philippines, and Venezuela being susceptible to trichinellosis outbreaks due to the consumption of infected pig muscles.

The Miracle

Pigs are filthy by nature and feed on impurities. Even the idolaters of old considered it to be a killer of all symbols of good. The ancient Egyptians told the story of how it was a black pig that attacked Horus (their god of protection). The Greek-Canaanite god of beauty, Adonis—as well as the Phrygian consort Attis—was gored to death by a boar.

Swine herders in ancient Egypt were considered to be the lowest of people. They were not allowed entrance into temples nor could they marry outside of their class. Whoever even touched a pig was required to bathe.

According to the belief of the People of the Book, swine flesh is prohibited, even though they do not adhere to such a prohibition. The Quran explained the reason for its prohibition by stating that it is Rijs (An Arabic word that combines the meanings of filth, uncleanness and impurity that carries harm). 


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