When anyone of you ask Allah for something, he should ask with determination

Auther : Dr.Muhammad Bakr Isma`eel
Article translated to : العربية

Narrated Anas may Allah be pleased with him:

Allah's Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "When anyone of you ask Allah for something, he should ask with determination and should not say, 'O Allah, if You wish, give me.', for nobody can force Allah to do something against His Will.

It is well known to every believer that all the creatures are under his will – may he be exalted - his commands is effective on them. His judgment is fairly established over them. Whatever he wills will happen and whatever he does not will, will not ever happen. Allah decides; there is no adjuster of His decision. 

All the creatures are in need for him and he is free of need for them. Their obedience will not benefit him, and their disobedience will not harm him.

As long as that is the case, the slave should supplicate him secretly and openly, out of hope and fear and during all the day and night. When the slave invokes his Lord he shall rest assured in his response and confident in his forbearance. Allah the Most generous may not reject the supplication of any slave who invokes him with humility, while his income is legally earned, his faith is not mixed with hopelessness or despair, and his calls are not accompanied by what is contrary to politeness with the creator or exceeds the proper limits in demanding.

This prophetic Hadith that instructs the faithful to be resolute when asking Allah and not hesitate to do so for any reason that sometimes invites them to hesitate, such as the feeling of negligence on their part in terms of obeying their Lord the Almighty and the sense of guilt and so on; Allah the Almighty is merciful to his servants more than they are merciful to themselves. His mercy encompassed everything.


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