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The Bond of Love and Mercy

Auther : Haya Muhammad Eid
688 2020/02/03 2020/07/06
The Bond of Love and Mercy

The Messenger of Allah (Pbuh)used to feed his wives and give them drink with his noble hands, saying to Sa‘d bin Abu Waqqas  while paying him a visit in his house during his illness,

“Any expense you pay, seeking by it the Face (Pleasure) of Allah, you will be rewarded for it, even for the morsel you put in your wife’s mouth.”

Sahih Al-Bukhary

The Prophet (Pbuh)thus taught his followers to make romantic and kind gestures towards their wives. True, it is no more than a morsel, but its secret lies in the feelings of love that follow it. Just a morsel by which a husband makes his wife feel protected and cared for, and therefore is considered a charitable deed. 

And to keep mutual love and mercy alive in marriage, the Prophet (Pbuh) guides the husband and wife to the golden way to attain it, which is by worshipping Allah together. The Messenger of Allah (Pbuh) said,

“May Allah have mercy on a man who gets up at night and prays, and awakens his wife and she prays. If she refuses, he sprinkles some water on her face. May Allah have mercy on a woman who gets up at night and prays, and awakens her husband. If he refuses, she sprinkles some water on his face.”

Abu Hurairah

Even if it is a short Salah, for offering it together, the reward is generously great. The Prophet (Pbuh)said,

“Whoever gets up at night and awakens his wife, and they offer together a two-Rak‘ah prayer, will be written among the men and the women who remember Allah much.”

Abu Hurairah

The Prophet (Pbuh)also taught the husband and wife that if they praise and glorify Allah together, it will better and more helpful for them than having a servant. ‘Ali  narrated: 

Fatimah complained about what she suffered on her hand (i.e., blisters) because of the stone hand-mill. She came to the Prophet (Pbuh)asking for a servant, but she did not find him (at home), so she informed ‘Aishah of her need. When he (Pbuh)came, ‘Aishah informed him about it. He (Pbuh)called upon us, but we had already gone to our beds. I was going to get up, but he (Pbuh)said, ‘Stay in your place,’ and he (Pbuh)sat between us (me and Fatimah) until I felt the coolness of his feet on my chest. He (Pbuh)then said, ‘Shall I guide you to what is better for you than a servant? When you both go to your bed and lay down, you both magnify Allah (by saying: Allahu Akbar – Allah is the Greatest) thirty-three times, you both glorify Allah (by saying: Subhan Allah – Glory be to Allah) thirty-three times and you both praise Allah (by saying: Al-Hamdu lillah – All praise and thanks to Allah) thirty-three times. This is better for you than a servant.’”

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