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Lady Maymona bint Al Harith

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the last of the prophet's wives (may allah be pleased with her)

her name and descend

she is maymona bint al-harith ibn hazan ibn jubair ibn al-hazm ibn robyyah ibn abdullah ibn helal ibn amer ibn sa'sa' al-helalya. her mother was called hind bint awf ibn zohair ibn al-harth. her sisters were omm al-fadle (the old lobaba) who was al-abas' wife (may allah be pleased with them both), the younger lobaba who was the wife of al-walid ibn al-moghira al-makhzomy and the mother of khaled ibn al-walid, assma' bani al-harith who was obyy ibn al-khalaf's wife and ghorra bint al-harith who was zyad ibn abdullah ibn malek al-helaly's wife. the previous ones were her full sisters. there were half sisters from her mother only: asma' bint omays ja'far's wife (may allah be pleased with her). after ja'far had died, she married abu bakr as siddeek (may allah be pleased with him) and married ali (may allah honor him) after the death of abu bakr, her sister salma bint omays; the wife of hamza ibn abdullmuttalilb (may allah be pleased with him), then he died and she married to shadad ibn osama ibn al-had. the last one was sallama bint omays the wife of ka'b ibn enaba al-khath’amy.

as a result, her mother hind bint awf was known as the most honorable old woman on the earth. as her sons-in-law were the noblest of humanity, the messenger of allah (pbuh), his companion al-siddeek, the prophet's uncles hamza and al-abbas the sons of abdullmuttalib, the prophet's cousins gha'far and ali the sons of abu talib and shadad ibn al-had (may allah be pleased with them all). and these are good merits. as there is no noble or high position like that.

her husbands before the prophet (pbuh)

she was first married to mas’oud ibn amr al-thakafy before islam. he left her and she was married to abu rahm ibn abd al-uzza. and he also died when she was in her bloom youth. after that, the faith filled her heart and lightened her soul, she embraced islam. allah the almighty certified her faith in him as she was one of the first people to embrace islam. so she had the honor to marry the messenger of allah (pbuh) after he had finished making omrah (al kadha’ omrah) in year 7 of the hegira (7 a.h.).

her wish and dream

in the seventh year of hijra, the prophet (pbuh) and his companions entered makkah heading for making omra (minor hajj). when the prophet started walking around the ka'ba, maymona was there also in makkah and saw him, so she filled her eyes with his beauty till the idea - to have the honor of marrying him and becoming one of the mothers of believers - obsessed her. why not? nothing prevents her achieving such a dream that occupied her mind completely especially being one of the first muslims and believers of allah and his messenger. at this time, maymona revealed to her sister, omm al-fadle, her wish to be one of the prophet's (pbuh) wives. omm al-fadle didn't keep this matter and told her husband al-abas who revealed it to his nephew the prophet (pbuh). the prophet (pbuh) sent his cousin ga'far ibn abu talib to propose to her. as soon as ga'far left her house, she mounted her camel and went to the prophet (pbuh). once she reached there and saw him she said: the camel and what it carries is for allah and his messenger.

maymona in the quran

thus, maymona bestowed herself to the prophet (pbuh). as allah said: and a believing woman if she offers herself to the prophet, and the prophet wishes to marry her; a privilege for you only, not for the (rest of) the believers.

maymona put her matter in al-abbas's hand, so he marries her to the prophet (pbuh). it was said that al-abbas said to the prophet: maymona bint al-harith lost her husband, abu rahm ibn abd al-uzza, could you marry her? so the prophet (pbuh) married her.

maymona and her blessing marriage

the prophet (pbuh) and his companions stayed in makkah three days. on the fourth day, a band of quraish and with them hoytab ibn abd al-uzza- who embraced islam after that- came to the prophet asking him to leave after he had finished his omra that was delayed from the time of al hudaibyyah. as a result, the prophet (pbuh) left makkah and sent his servant to bring his wife maymona at night.

so, maymona caught up with him in “serf“-name of a place in their way to madienah. the prophet (pbuh) built a tent in this holly place. on that day, the prophet (pbuh) gave her the name maymona instead of borra.

maymona & the holly trip to madinah

maymona married the prophet (pbuh) being only twenty- six years old. it was a great honor for maymona to be one of the prophet's (pbuh) wives. she was overflowed with happiness and joy. as she reached madinah. the other wives met her with hospitality and congratulation and honored her for the sake of the prophet (pbuh) and for allah the almighty's consent.

maymona entered the room that was prepared especially for her to be her home in the prophet’s house equal to all the prophet's (pbuh) wives. thus, maymona became so close to the prophet that helped her in learning the holy quran and the prophetic hadith. she was also praying too much in the prophetic mosque because she heard from the prophet (pbuh): “praying in my mosque is worth thousand prayers in any other mosque except in the harram of makkah“.

maymona stayed in the prophetic house enjoying the honourable position. when the prophet (pbuh) became very ill, he was in her quarter but a'isha asked her to carry him to hers to nurse him as per the prophet‘s .

maymona and the prophet's sayings

after the death of the prophet (pbuh), maymona "may allah be pleased with her" led her life in spreading the prophetic sunna among the companions and followers, for she was one of the people who received the hadith from the prophet. because of her applying the prophet’s teachings and way of live, she learned a lot of hadiths, memorised them, then narrated them to the great companions and followers and the leaders of scholars. she was one of those who narrated the prophetic hadiths as she reported seventy- six hadiths.

maymona and her faith

maymona devoted herself for praying and worship in the prophetic house and was rightly guided by the prophet's way of life and acquired his good characters. she was adhered to apply allah's orders; nothing and no one could prevent her from these actions, even if it was one of her relatives. it was reported that one of her relatives came to her

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