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Lady Juwayryiah

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a fragrant biography that lots of people of goodness wanted to be a part of. there is no more honest, radiant or, luminous biography than the biography of one of the mothers of the believers. we stand on the verge of her biography; to gain an example and a preaching, to take blessed reachable picks from the mother of the believers' biography whom allah the al-mighty, the sublime pertained of purity. o what a beautiful, fragrant biography. may allah be pleased with her and may allah please her.

her upbringing

she is barra- bint al-hareth-bin –abi-dirar-bin-habeeb-bin-aa'eth-bin-malek from khuza'a, her father was the master and chief of bani-al-mustalek. barra lived in her father's house in honor and respect; she lived a life of luxury in a house where authenticity and deep- rootedness prevails. while she was quit a young girl, not more than twenty years of age, barra (may allah be pleased with her) married musafi’ –bin-safwan, one of kuza'as young men.

the beginnings of the light

satan started to sneak into the hearts of bani-al-mustalek decorating fotellingr them that they are strong and can overcome the muslims, so they began to gear up and take preparations to fight the islamic community under the leadership of the messenger (pbuh), thus they gathered to fight the messenger (pbuh). of their leadership was their master al-hareth-bin-abi-dhirar, the result was the victory of the prophet (pbuh) and the defeat of bani-al-mustalek in their own piece of land. so the prophet (pbuh) took a lot of men and women captives. musafi bin safwan - juwayriyah's husband - was among the ones who were killed by the muslims' swords and lady juwayryiah was among the women captives, she fell under the arrow of thabit-bin-qais-bin-shams-al-ansari (may allah be pleased with him),hence she made an agreement with him to pay him a certain amount of money in return of her freedom because she was eager to be free.

lady juwayriyah's marriage to the prophet (pbuh)

as fate had wanted lady juwayryiah (may allah be pleased with her) went to see the prophet (pbuh) but lady aisha (the mother of the believers, may allah be pleased with her ) saw her and described her, saying: ''she was sweet, beautiful. and said: o by allah as soon as i saw her on my rooms door i hated her and i knew that he(pbuh) would see of her what i have seen.''

lady juwayryiah (may allah be pleased with her) came to the prophet(pbuh)and said:'' i am juwayryia –bint-al-hareth-bin-abi-dhirar chief of his people, i have encountered of the matter what you have known, and fell under the arrow of thabit-bin-qais so i had written on me nine papers to pay him in return for my freedom, so help me in my release.'' and because bani-al –mustalek were of the arabs' noblest houses, of the most honourable lineage, and for the wisdom of the prophet (pbuh) he said to juwayryiah, "shall i tell you what would be better than this?” she said: ''and what is that o messenger of allah?' .he said:’ i pay your writing and marry you.''

a while ago she was desperate to inhale the scent of freedom, but she found what is greater than that, so juwayryiah became very happy, her face became radiant when she heard it from the prophet (pbuh), and security she will find after the loss and the horror, so she answered him without hesitation or stutter:'' yes o messenger of allah.'' the prophet (pbuh) married her and gave her a dowry of four hundred dirham.

abu- omar-al-qubti in his book the assimilation (al-istee'ab) said:'' her name was barra so the prophet (pbuh) changed it and named her juwayryiah.'' so juwayryiah (may allah be pleased with her) became a mother of the believers and the wife of the master of the world

lady juwayriyah's blessing

as soon as the muslims heard the news they sat free the captives they had and said in greatness:'' they are the in-laws of the messenger of allah (pbuh). so juwayriyah's blessing was one of the greatest blessings for her people. lady aisha (may allah be pleased with her) said about her:'' the prophet’s marriage to her caused the liberation of a hundred of the people of the house of bani-al-mustalek - juwayiyah’s tribe-, i never knew a woman with greater blessing than her.''

her characteristics and features

lady juwayryia was one of the most beautiful women; she was also characterized as wise minded, relevant, with sedated opinion, and of generous ethic. she was also known for her pure heart and inner self, and on top of that she was conscious, pious, pure, allah-fearing, islamic jurist, of radiant soul and of luminous heart and mind.

the supplicant, always remembrant of allah

lady juwayriyah followed the footprints of the mothers of believers in prayer and worship quoting from the messenger of allah (pbuh), from his ethics and his praise- worthy characteristics till she become an example of virtue and virtuousness. so the mother of believers juwayryiah was of the best worshipers, suplicants, patients, and she was persisting on praising, glorifying and remembering the ever-exalted almighty allah.

the hadith transmitter

ibn-abbas, ubaid-bin-al-sabbak, kuraib-mola-iben-abbas-, mujahed, abu-ayub-yahya-bin-malek-al-azdi, and jaber-bin-abdullah all reported from lady juwayriyah some hadiths “ prophet‘s sayings“. she narrated seven hadiths; four of them are mentioned in the six books of hadith, one is mentioned in the book of al bukhari, and two in the book of muslim. her narrations contain hadiths about fasting, not preferring to fast on fridays, supplications, the reward of praising and glorifying allah, and about mandatory alms-giving and the liberation of slaves….

therefore, with seven honourable hadiths, lady juwayryiah (may allah be pleased with her) immortalized her name in the world of narrations. she added to the honour of accompanying the prophet (pbuh), her motherhood to all believers, reporting to the nation some of the prophet's (pbuh) traditions.

her death: meeting allah

lady juwayryia has lived after the prophet (pbuh) pleased and satisfied, her life extended to the time of mu'awiah –bin-abi-sufian (may allah be pleased with them). the mother of the believers died in the month of rabi' al-awwal year fifty a.h, her body was burried in al baqi' and marwan-bin-al-hakam prayed upon her.


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