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High sense of humour with his friends:

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High sense of humour with his friends:

Muhammad saw a sore-eyed person named Suhayb (who was a Roman Muslim), looking miserable and was eating a ripe date. Muhammad wanted to joke with him in order to cheer him up so he said to him: “How come you eat the date and your left eye is sore?” Suhayb realised that Muhammad was joking with him so he replied: 

“Don’t worry I am eating it on the right side of my mouth (the side where the right eye was sound)."

Anas Bin Malek narrated that a man came to Muhammad and asked him to give him a ride on a camel. Muhammad said:

"I will give you a ride on the child of the she camel". child?"

Then Muhammad said: "Are not all camels the children of she camels?

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