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Muhammad encouraged consultancy and democracy

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Muhammad encouraged consultancy and democracy

(Shura): Muhammad always consulted his companions and even his wife. He advised his followers to be objective and use rational thinking. He empowered them and involved them in the decision making process.

When the Meccan chiefs, along with other Arab tribes, planned to attack Madinah, a Persian Muslim put forward a proposal to dig a trench on the northern side of Madinah.

Although that was a foreign concept never applied before in Arabia and it was put forward by an ordinary person, Muhammad considered it seriously and it was approved by the majority of Muslims. They dug a trench 5.5 km long
x 4.6 m wide.

On another occasion, (battle of Badr) a commoner (an ordinary person) told Muhammad

“O Prophet, if your choice to camp in this area is not inspired by a revelation from God, can I suggest we move to another area?"

The person put forward the reasons for his suggestion and after consultations, Muhammad welcomed the proposal likewise his  companions; they moved to the other area.

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