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Muhammad used to respect others’ views

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Muhammad used to respect others’ views

Whenever he gave instructions to his followers that were understood or perceived in two different ways, he used to accept both ways provided that both of them achieve the required goal in a lawful manner

In the battle of "That Al-Salassel", the Muslim Commander Amr Bin Al-Aass was criticized for leading a prayer without performing ghusul and ablution (he was in a state of spiritual impurity). Muhammad listened to his justification and accepted it. Amr told Muhammad that it was cold that night and if he showered his body, he could fall sick and could not lead his group.

(Al-Hakim, 1/177, 634. Abu-Dawoud 1/132, 334)

Muhammad Was Realistic and Easy to Deal With Anas Bin Malik said that he served Muhammad for ten years and he was never asked by Muhammad “why did you do this and why didn’t you do that”

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