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Muhammad condemned violence

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Muhammad condemned violence

Muhammad never used violence as a tool to convey God’s Message or impose God's religion. Although he established an Islamic state in Madinah, he never used the small Muslim community who remained in Makkah to create trouble or assassinate his enemies. In fact, he asked his followers to respect the social order of the society they lived in.

Muhammad taught believers that whenever and wherever gentleness or kindness is used in a matter, it will add value to it and will bring good results. He also taught that roughness and indelicate behaviors will spoil every matter.

Islamic calligraphy produced by the Turkish calligrapher Hassan Chelebi for a verse in the Quran. God says to people: "When you judge between people you judge with justice." .

The Quran, 4:58

Islamic calligraphy produced by the Egyptian calligrapher Isaam Abdul Fattah for a verse in the Quran. God says to people: "And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another (at the Day of Judgement)." .

The Quran, 17:15

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