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The third pillar: zakat (giving)

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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Zakat is a financial pillar and has conditions to be obligatory, they are as follow:

1. Being a Muslim: it is not acceptable from non-Muslims.

2. Freedom: zakat is not required from a slave.

3. Complete ownership: it means that the money belongs to its owner who already has it.

4. Growth: it means that the money is increasing or can be increased such as cattle that multiply, crops which bear fruits, trades that increase and money which can be increased.

5. Money to be more than the need of the one who is giving Zakah of food, drinks, clothes, housing or alimony for wife and children and who ever requires an alimony.

6. Money should reach a certain amount to pay zakat and this is called Nisab which will be discussed later.

7. The period of twelve months: it means that one hijri year should pass on owning the Nisab which is required for certain funds, and it will be discussed later.

8. Cattle let loose for free pasture: Grazing without fodder or provisions. If they are pastured most of the year, and onepays for its grazing, then there is no zakat for it.

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