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Sitting between the Two Prostrations

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10.he should raise his head from prostration saying: " allahu akbar " and lays his left foot flat on the ground and sits upon it, keeping his right foot erected, his hands on his thighs and knees, and says:

"رب اغفر لي و ارحمني و اهدني و ارزقني و عافني و اجبرني" 

  " o my lord, forgive me, have mercy on me, guide me . provide me with your blessings and console me."      the worshipper should feel tranquility during this pause.

11.to prostrate again saying الله أكبر  "" allahu akbar" and repeating during his prostration what he did and said in the first prostration.

12. then the worshipper raises his head saying الله أكبر  " allahu akbar" taking a pause similar to the pause between the two prostrations; this is called " the pause for rest." it is recommended for the worshipper to do such a pause, but there is no sin if he desists from it, then the worshipper rises up and stands supporting on his knees, or on the ground if he cannot support himself on the knees, reads the fatihah ( the opening sura of the glorious quran ) and some other verses of the quran and do as just as he did in the first rakaah ( unit of prayer). those who pray behind the imam should not compete with him in the prayer actions as the prophet ( peace and blessings of allah be upon him ) said:

((إنما جعل الإمام ليؤتم به فلا تختلفوا عليه, فإذا كبر فاكبروا,وإذا ركع فاركعوا, و إذا قال :سمع الله لمن حمده,فقولوا:  ربنا ولك الحمد . و إذا سجد فاسجدوا.))

 which means :

 the imam  is to be followed, if he says : "allahu akbar" which means" allah is great" then say the same after him. if he bows in "ruku" bow after him, if he says : "samia-l-lahu liman hamidah" which means "allah hears him who praises him", them say : "rabbana wa laka-l-hamd" which means "our lord! all praises are for thee"; and if he prostrates, then prostrate after him". (bukhari v:1 p.37)

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