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Scientific Research on the Doubts Regarding the Prophet’s Marriages, Jihad, and Attributes

14867 2008/01/27 2024/04/25
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thanks are due to allah, the one, and peace and blessings be upon his final prophet (pbuh ), his family and his companions.

allah the almighty created both humans and the jinn for a great objective, that is, the realization of voluntary worship and servitude to him alone. allah says in the noble qur’an what can be translated as "and in no way did i create the jinn and humankind except to worship me." ( 51:56) as human minds are short of knowing the attributes of the creator, their duties towards him, his rewards for the obedient, and his punishments to the disobedient, he chose the perfect persons, both physically and morally, to deliver his message and guide the people to his right way. allah says in the noble qur’an what can be translated as "allah knows best where he makes his message." (6:124)

allah has not sent an angel who always worships or another creature that is always playful and self-indulgent. the reason is that the objectives of the divine message are the rehabilitation of man to be able to carry out his task as a successor on earth, that is, to worship allah and cultivate the earth according to the divine method.

therefore, allah’s messengers and prophets (pbuh) were humans who eat food and walk in the markets, who marry and have children, who are perfect but human. prophet muhammad ( pbuh ) was in no way an innovation among the messengers and was no exception. allah says in the noble qur’an what can be translated as "say, ‘ surely i am only a mortal the like of you: it is revealed to me that surely your god is only one god ’ " (18:110) prophet muhammad (pbuh) was endowed with unique attributes so that he taught humanity how to worship allah, guided them to abide by the best of morals, and showed them, through his good policy and justice, how to navigate their worldly interests.

however, media may mislead some people who believe in the veracity of everything written or broadcast while it is devoid of any fairness or objectivity. these misleading media may cause people to believe what is being said about the so-called demerits of prophet muhammad (pbuh). it is the duty of every person not to take this misleading information for granted and to ask the true scholars and refer to the historical facts that prove the true image of the prophet (pbuh).


the reason for writing this research is the phenomenon of insulting islam and muslims and debasing their sacred symbols, rituals, and legislations. this comes in the form of systemized fierce campaigns led by politicians and religious scholars and supported by media. the cause of these campaigns was the abusive caricatures published by the danish newspaper jyllads-posten . these caricatures depicted prophet muhammad (pbuh) as a lascivious person or a bloody killer who is devoid of any of the values of humanity or civilization. the same caricatures were later published in french and norwegian newspapers.

the reaction was an uncontrolled anger on the part of muslims all over the world. demonstrations were organized, speeches were delivered, conferences were convened, and flags were burnt. despite our objection to any form of violence, all these activities lack the simplest criteria that the true support of the prophet (pbuh) must have. supporting him is not a matter of temporary anger and aimless demonstration; it is not cursing those who insulted him or those who did not support him. to really vindicate the prophet (pbuh) we should follow a scientific methodology that addresses both the minds and the hearts.

this methodology should benefit from the effective ways that aim to maximize the interests and minimizes the negative points. it should not be an idealistic methodology in an ivory tower that does not abide by any shariah rule or a human interest and the result would be it fires against us before the enemy.

this vindication should be comprehensive to include every fair person from among muslims and non-muslims. scholars, rulers, traders, etc shall each has his own rule. vindicating the prophet (pbuh ) is an obligation.

this vindication should continue during our life. first, we should support him within ourselves through following his instructions and sunnah and leave all bid ’ ahs in order to be gathered with him and his great companions on the day of judgment, to have his intercession, and to drink from his hand for one time after which we shall never be thirsty again.

this scientific research regarding the doubts about his polygyny, jihad, and attributes is a humble contribution to the vindication of the prophet (pbuh). i ask allah, the ever-exalted and the omnipotent, to accept this and make our scales weigh heavy on the day of judgment.

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