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Hadeeth 3- Justice and Being Justly Balanced

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  from abu hurairah (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that allaah's messenger (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) said:

love the one whom you love to a certain degree (moderately), perhaps one day he will be someone for whom you have hatred, and hate the one for whom you have hatred to a certain degree (moderately), perhaps one day he will be one whom you love.[10]

the muslim is justly balanced in his loving and his hating. he is just both when giving and when taking and is moderate in all of that. his being justly balanced is one of the signs of his religion and the sharee'ah. so he is not one who goes beyond the limits, nor one who falls short of what is required. furthermore the muslim does not derive this quality of being justly balanced from his intellect and desires, nor from his own opinion or other than this, rather he takes it from the book of allaah, the one free of all imperfections.


  "thus we have made you a justly balanced nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the messenger (muhammad (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam)) be a witness over you."[11]  

being justly balanced is not an easy matter, indeed many of those who call out and declare it, desire only to water matters down and compromise. so for a person to be truly justly balanced as ordered by allaah is not, as i have said, easy, rather it requires:


striving against one's desires



10.reported by at-tirmidhee (no. 1997) and others by way of suwayd ibn 'amr al-kalbee: hammad ibn salamah narrated to us from ayyoob as-sakhtiyanee from muhammad ibn seereen from him. this isnaad is saheeh (authentic) if allaah wills, it does not contain anyone needing examination except for suwayd and he is declared reliable by a group of the scholars and this is the preferred view of al-haafidh ib hajr. the hadeeth is also declared authentic by a group of scholars such as al-haafidh al-iraaqee in takhreejul ihyaa (2/186), al-munaawee in al-fayd (1/177), az-zubaydee in al-ittihaf (6/233) and others, and is further clarified in ghaayatul maraam (no. 472) of shaikh al-albaanee.
11.soorah al-baqarah (2): 143


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