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Hadeeth 17- Remembrance of Allah

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from nu'maan ibn basheer (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that allaah's messenger said:

supplication (ad-du'aa) is worship, your lord the mighty and majestic said: "call upon me - i will respond to your ionvocation."[32],[33]

supplication is the head of remembrance of allaah. indeed he (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) said: ...and i order you to make mention to allaah much, and the like of that is a man being chased by the enemy who are hastening after him until he comes to a protected fortress and so he protects himself in it. likewise is the servant, for he does not protect himself from satan except through remembrance of allaah, the mighty and majestic.[34]

so a muslim remembering his lord, the one free and far removed from all defects, places him in a position of safety and protection which satan is unable to overcome. so this prevents him from many sins and numerous negative traits pertaining to the tongue, the limbs and the heart. therefore:

32.soorah ghaafir (40):60
33.saheeh - reported by ahmad (4/267, 271, 276) and others
34.hadeeth 40 in forty hadeeth on the call to islam and the caller

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