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Muhammad's Qualities

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muhammad married khadijah and gave her a dowry of twenty young camels. he moved to her house and thus began a new chapter in the life of both. muhammad offered khadijah the love of a man of twenty-five, though not the raging passion of youth which is as quickly kindled as cooled or put off. khadijah gave him sons as well as daughters. the sons, namely al qasim and `abdullah, died in childhood to the great grief of their father. the daughters survived and constantly remained the object of muhammad's love and compassion just as he was the object of their love and devotion.[most of the scholars who have investigated the geneological descendents of muhammad and his family agree that the sons of the prophet-may god's peace and blessing be upon him-given him by khadijah were two: al qasim and 'abdullah, who was also called "the pure" and "the good." it has also been reported that his sons were three or even four.]


muhammad's qualities

muhammad was handsome of face and of medium build, and neither conspicuously tall nor inconspicuously short. he had a large head, very black thick hair, wide forehead, heavy eyebrows, and large black eyes with a slight redness on their sides and long eyelashes to add to their attractiveness. he had a fine nose, well-spaced teeth, a thick beard, a long handsome neck, wide chest and shoulders, light colored skin, and thick palms and feet. he walked resolutely with firm steps. his appearance was always one of deep thought and contemplation. in his eyes there lurked the authority of a commander of men. it is no wonder that khadijah combined love for him with obedience to his wishes or that she soon excused him from having to administer her trade and took over its reins as she had done before marriage in order to give him leisure to pursue a life of contemplation.

aided by a marriage which complemented his geneological honor and provided amply for his needs, muhammad spent his days respected and loved by all the people of makkah. his family life, numerous offspring, along with the ample provisions he now enjoyed, kept him from falling in public esteem. on the other hand, muhammad had not withdrawn from society, from participating in the public life of makkah as he did before. his new status added to his prestige among his peers as well as strengthened his already great modesty. despite his great intelligence and outstanding ability, he listened well and attentively to anyone who spoke to him, never turning his face away from his interlocutor. whosoever addressed him, muhammad was never satisfied to lend his ear alone but turned to him with all his being. he spoke little, listened much, and inclined only to serious conversation though he did not refuse to share a joke. he always spoke the truth. sometimes he would laugh until one could see his molars, but his anger could never be recognized except by perspiration between his eyebrows. his anger and fury were always sublimated, and his magnanimity, candidness, and loyalty knew no bounds. he loved to do the good, and was charitable, hospitable, and friendly, as well as resolved and strong willed. once resolved on a course of action, he was persevering and knew no hesitancy. whoever came into contact with him was deeply impressed by all these qualities; whoever saw him would immediately fear him; and whoever had anything to do with him, loved him. all these qualities helped strengthen the bond of loyalty, truthfulness, and love which united him to khadijah.


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