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Subsiding of the Revelations

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muhammad expected the revelations to guide his path from day to day, but they subsided. gabriel did not appear for some time, and all around him there was nothing but silence. muhammad fell into solitude, separated from himself as well as from the people. his old fears recurred. it is told that even khadijah said to him, "does it not seem that your lord is displeased with you?" dismayed and frightened, he returned to the mountain and the cave of hira'. there, he prayed for god fervently, seeking assiduously to reach him. particularly, he wanted to ask god about the cause of this divine displeasure. khadijah did not dread these days any less than muhammad, nor was she any less fearful. often muhammad wished to die, but he would again feel the call and the command of his lord which dispelled such ideas. it was also told that he once thought of throwing himself down from the top of mount hira' or mount abu qubays, thinking what good was this life if his greatest hope therein was to be frustrated and destroyed? torn between these fears on one hand and despair on the other, revelation came to him after a long interval. the word of god was as clear as it was reassuring:

"by the forenoon, and by the night as it spreads its wings over the world in peace, your lord has not forsaken you; nor is he displeased with you. surely, the end shall be better for you than the beginning. your lord will soon give you of his bounty and you will be well pleased. did he not find you an orphan and give you shelter? did he not find you erring and guide you to the truth? did he not find you in want and provide for you? do not, therefore, oppress the orphan nor turn away whosoever seeks your help. and the bounty of your lord, always proclaim."[qur'an, 93:1-11]


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