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Why the Prophet honors a woman from the Children of Israel?

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all praise be to allah the almighty, and peace be upon the prophet muhammad,,,


let's suppose for the purpose of argument only- that the enemies of prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) were right in their allegations that the holy quran was written by him. in such case, the disbelievers will surely respond to our argument. now, ask them: do you doubt that muhammad (peace be upon him) was an arabic man?


irrespective of their reply; yes or no, the prophet (peace be upon him) under such argument has informed them, in very sublime manner & words, that: maryam mary the mother of jesus (peace be upon them both), who belongs to children of israel (1), is chosen above the women of the world.

why didn’t he choose his mother (i.e. the mother of the prophet mohammad peace be upon him), his wife, his daughter, or any other arabic woman? why did he choose a woman from the children of israel!!


can anyone give any clarification to this? everyone prefers his mother, wife and daughter more than other women.


so, why the prophet of islam peace be upon him calls muslims to respect a woman from the opponents or contestants?! especially from the children of israel?! i.e. from the people who have disregarded his people (muhammad’s people; the arabs) for three thousand years; exactly like their disregard to their arab brothers nowadays.


chapter of maryam (mary)


there is a chapter (sura) in the holy quran bearing the name of "maryam" (mary). the said sura was called "maryam" out of respect and honor to maryam; the mother of jesus christ (peace be upon them both). maryam (peace be upon her) did not get such honor even in the bible itself. there are (66) sixty six scriptures for the protestant and (73) seventy three scriptures for the roman catholic, but no single scripture wherefrom bears the name of maryam and her son (peace be upon them). you can find scriptures bearing the names of mathew, mark, luke, john and paul and plenty of scriptures bearing ambiguous names but no one attributed to the name jesus or maryam (peace be upon them).


therefore, if muhammad (peace be upon him) was the author of the holy quran, he may include, beside the name of maryam; the mother of jesus (peace be upon them), the name of his mother "amena", his dear wife "khadija", "aisha" or his daughter "fatema", may allah be pleased with them all.


however, this is not the truth, and the prophet (peace be upon him) did not do that because the holy quran is not written by muhammad (peace be upon him) .


the reply is as simple as the following: the prophet was not having any options, he has no right to express his own wishes because quran was revealed by allah the almighty who said: {it is not but a revelation revealed} (an-najm:4).


(1) maryam (peace be upon her) was not jew by religion. she was following the religion of her fathers; ibrahim (abraham), isma'il (ishmael) ishaque (isaac), ya'qub (jacob) and zakariya (zachariya) who were all worshipping allah alone. she was an upright woman who had surrendered to allah and was not of the polytheists. as for the nationality, she belongs to israel i.e. jacob, the prophet of allah peace be upon him. as for saying that she was jew as per the religion of jews in her era or saying that she was christian; this is a groundless and incorrect statement .

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