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The Prophet would never Deceive himself!?

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in the name of allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful


had the holy quran not been revealed by allah (the almighty) and had it been authored by allah’s messenger (pbuh), would he (pbuh) deceive himself? would he jeopardize his life?

i will narrate this incident and you judge  yourself.

allah (the almighty) said in the holy quran “o you messenger, proclaim whatever has been sent down to you from your lord; and in case you do not perform (that), then in no way have you proclaimed his message; and allah safeguards you from mankind. surely allah does not guide the disbelieving people.” this is one of the verses of the holy quran that was sent down to allah’s messenger (pbuh).

narrating the circumstances in which such verse was revealed, our mother aisha (may allah be pleased with her) said:

the prophet was vigilant one night and when he reached medina , he said, "would that a pious man from my companions guard me tonight!" suddenly we heard the clatter of arms. he said, "who is that?" they (the new comers) replied, "we are sad and hothaifa and we have come to guard you." so, the prophet slept (that night). then this verse came down, so allah’s messenger (pbuh) looked out of the house and said: “o people, leave now for allah (the almighty) had prevented me”. narrated by al qurtubi.

a belgium scholar had been studying the biography of allah’s messenger (pbuh) until she reached this point, where she stopped and said: “if that man was deceiving all the people he wouldn’t deceive himself and had he not been sure that allah (the almighty) is protecting him he wouldn’t have done so (dismissing the guards) such experiment which proves his trust in his creator. hence i say with utmost belief: there’s no god but allah and muhammad is his messenger.

the biography of allah’s messenger (pbuh) has lots of evidences and miracles that prove that what he came with is sent down from allah (the almighty).

what should you do now?

reading the biography of allah’s messenger (pbuh) (that was written 1400 years ago), hearing his hadiths and following his deeds.

comparing the ideas that he calls for with the logic that the sound mind accepts.

having accepted his logic, observe his deeds and note if there is any discrepancy between both his words and deeds.

if there was no discrepancy, then all you have to do is to believe him.

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