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nazmi luka:1


".. muhammad (peace be upon him) was not like anyone in his attributes and characteristics. he enjoyed all graces of the other prophets (peace be upon them all) and was a true hero; therefore, any impartial person should respect his example and greet his manhood.


"there is no deification or suspicion of deification in the meaning of the islamic prophethood.. the nations worldwide used to deify kings, heroes, and forefathers. the prophets were subjected to such mix between them and the deity by people. it was better for people to believe that the prophet or messenger is a man like the other people and has no divine being whatsoever; therefore, we find the holy quran all the time confirming the same meaning, such as these verses: {i am but a man like yourselves, (but) the inspiration has come to me} (al-kahf: 110). the word "like yourselves" means the absolute equality and avoiding exaggerating the prophethood and mission beyond the human being level. not only this, there is more clear-cut meaning for the same in another verse; {but if they turn away - then we have not sent you, [o muhammad], over them as a guardian; upon you is only [the duty of] notification} (as-shura: 48). this verse warned the prophet (peace be upon him) about the reality of his task and the limits of his mission and that he may neither exceed the same, nor the people may raise him beyond such limits.


".. although the prophet was the tongue of heaven; above him is allah the almighty & below him are the believers and slaves of allah the almighty, the prophet (peace be upon him) did not feel pride or haughtiness; contrary, he was keen to avoid the same and dedicated himself to fight pride in himself before uprooting it from his followers. if the prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) took pride and glorified himself for guiding the people, having their support or owning authority, he will not achieve all that. though his companions were praising him knowing that he is worthy of such praise, but he was telling them: "don't praise me like the praise of the christians to jesus christ; i am just the slave of allah, but call me the slave and messenger of allah" . the prophet (peace be upon him) once went to a group of his companions; seeing him, they stood out of respect and glory, but he prevented them and said:

"don't do like the non-arabs who stand for each other to glorify one another".


"no one can fabricate more allegations about him. he has tasted long-term ordeals until he was blessed with victory which was not even expected or possible to a man propagating the religion of allah within the capital of idols … his impartiality was beyond all worldly benefits; his virtue was far above all pleasures of life; and his forgiveness was pure from any pride or domination. he did not leave to his family or tribe any of the worldly life features, ranks or authority. he gave preference to the interests of people and forgot himself. he cancelled the high rank of his tribe before islam and made them like the other individuals of his followers in equality. he made the slaves and servants equal to the kings of quraish. he did not give power to himself or to his relatives. his relatives before islam was occupying high rank but he undermined ranks and made them equal to the others. after all of this, who can ever match such sublime glory or doubt such clear-cut truth! there is no option but to believe. this prophet (peace be upon him) was neither astray nor being misled, he did not speak of his own desire … who can be believed if this truthful prophet was not believed! (peace be upon him).


"which biography is worthy of being defended more than his biography? he has converted people from the worship of the abominated idols to the worship of allah; the lord of the worlds. he guided people from loss and corruption to belief and loftiness. he did not leave to himself or his relatives any of the worldly benefits sought by seekers of the life vanities.


"he (muhammad peace be upon him) was controlling and not controlled by his energy. he was using but not used by his functions. this is not but an advantage in his features. he (peace be upon him) has normal inclinations but he kept them under balance to use them in the manner which honors the rank of the human being. he seeks the beauty and magnificence in the manner which keeps his dignity and promotes his sublimation, virtue and purity. this is clearly embodied in the sublime manner of consummating the marriage of his nine wives (may allah be pleased with them all).. 2




1-dr. nazmi luka, christian from egypt. he is known of his objective viewpoints and impartiality. though his parents insisted on teaching him christianity since he was a child, he was always attending the lessons of the muslim preachers and listening carefully to the holy koran and the biography of the prophet peace be upon him. not only this, he has memorized the holy koran before attaining ten years of his age. he has written several books such as (muhammad the mission & messenger) and (the special life of mohammad ).

2-taken from the book of: muhammad the mission & messenger, and the book of the special life of muhammad .


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