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Did Prophet Muhammad Perform Miracles?

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prophet muhammad pbuh did perform some miracles but they were all spiritual in nature. one of his well-known miracles was the "night j ourney" during which he travelled (spiritually) to the dome of the rock in jerusalem (later to be known as al-aqsa mosque, the third holiest mosque in islam) and from there to heaven and back. when he returned he taught muslims the five daily prayers. however, muslims do not need to make an issue over these miracles to strengthen or highlight the islamic religion.

physical miracles were performed by some of the earlier prophets to convince the people of their divine missions, usually when forced or requested. the pagan meccans too did ask the prophet pbuh what miracles he could or had performed. hinting that miracles as performed by the earlier prophets would have no effect in his time, the prophet pointed at the quran and said in a metaphorical sense: "the quran is my miracle."

indeed, the time (some 600 years after jesus christ) was ripe for an intellectual miracle _ a book _ to take place. the quran is that book, a living miracle, one that exists today just as "performed" by the prophet; a tangible one indeed, a miracle by which people could see, touch and receive guidance.

by this miracle, (the quran), muslims throughout the world, from those days till today, have abstained from the prohibited and obeyed the obligatory, such as performing the five daily prayers, facing the ka'aba in mecca during prayers, fasting in ramadhan, going for the hajj, and living as best as they could according to the teachings of islam.

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