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What do Muslims say about Muhammad?

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Considering the qualities and teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him) testified to by some many people throughout history and even testified to by Allah himself, we conclude the following to be only a partial list of the qualities, morals and virtues of Muhammad (peace be upon him).



A. Articulate - Muhammad (peace be upon him) although unable to read or write throughout his entire life, was able to express himself in clear and decisive terms and in the best of classical arabic language.



B. Brave - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was praised for his courage and bravery during and after his life by his followers and opponents alike. He has always been an inspiration to Muslims and even non-muslims throughout the centuries.



C. Courteous - Muhammad (peace be upon him) always put other people's feelings ahead of his own and was the most courteous of hosts and the best of guests wherever he went.



D. Dedicated - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was determined to carry out his mission and present the message with which he had been sent, to the entire world.



E. Eloquent - Muhammad (peace be upon him) claimed he was not a poet, yet he could express himself in the most concise manner, using the least amount of words in a most classic manner. His words are still quoted by millions of Muslims and Non-Muslims today everywhere.



F. Friendly - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was noted for being the most friendly and considerate of all who knew him.



G. Generous - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was most generous with his possessions and never wanted to keep anything if there was anyone who was in need. This was true of gold, silver, animals and even food and drink.


H. Hospitable - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was indeed, noted to be the most gracious of hosts and taught his companions and followers to be the best of hosts to all their guests as a part of their religion.


I. Intelligent - Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been proclaimed by many commentators who have studied his life and actions, to be of the most intelligent of all men who ever lived.


J. Just - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was most fair and just in all of his dealings. Whether in business or in giving judgment in any matter, he practiced justice on all levels.



K. Kindness - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was kind and considerate to everyone he met. He tired his best to present the message of worship of the creator instead of the creations to all he met in the kindest fashion and most considerate manner.


L. Loving - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most loving toward Allah and to his family members, friends, companions and even those who did not accept his message but remained peaceful to him and his followers.


M. Messenger of mercy - Muhammad (peace be upon him) is proclaimed in the quran by Allah, as being sent to the entire world as the "mercy to all mankind and jinn."



N. Noble - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most noble and distinguished of all men. Everyone knew of his fine character and honorable background.



O. "Oneness" - Muhammad (peace be upon him) is most famous for his proclamation of the "oneness of Allah" or monotheism (called "tawhid" in arabic).



P. Patient - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most steadfast and forbearing in all of the trials and tests he lived through.


Q. Quiet - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was often very quiet and never was heard to be boastful, loud or obnoxious on any occasion.



R. Resourceful - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was most clever and resourceful in handling even the most serious of difficulties and problems confronting him and his companions.


S. Straightforward - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was known by all to speak directly to a subject and not twist things around in his speech. He also used a minimal amount of verbiage and considered excessive talk to be vain and unproductive.


T. Tactful - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most delicate and tactful in his dealings with the people. he never scratched the dignity of someone, even though unbelievers often insulted him and maligned him.



U. Unmatched - Muhammad (peace be upon him) is known throughout the world today as the man who most influenced the lives of so many people during his own time and for all times to come.


V. Valiant - Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave new meaning to the word valiant and he was always most honorable in all of his affairs, whether defending the rights of orphans or preserving the honor of widows or fighting for those in distress. He was not intimidated when outnumbered in battle, nor did he turn away from his duties in protecting and defending the truth and freedom.


W. Wali - the Arabic word, “wali” (plural is owliya) is a bit difficult to bring into english without some explanation. For this reason i decided to leave it in arabic and offer from my humble understanding one of the most important aspects of the character and personality of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Some say the word means; “protectors” and others have said “darlings” or “those in whom you put full trust and confide everything” like the catholics might do with their priests. while still others simply offered the word “friends.” while discussing this subject with one of my beloved teachers, Salim Morgan, he mentioned to me the meaning might be closer to the english word, “ally”. This is perhaps, a lot closer in meaning because when a person gives their pledge of allegiance to someone he or she is taking that person as a “wally” and this is called giving “bay’ah” in Arabic. Allah tells us the Quran not to take the Jews and Christians as “owliya” in place of Allah.

While we understand the people of the book (jews and christians) are the closest to us in faith, at the same time we are instructed here not to take anyone as our “confessor” or “intimate ally” or “one to whom we give our pledge of allegiance” in place of Allah or his Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the living example of the most trustworthy and loyal of all human beings who ever lived on this earth. Anything mentioned to him in confidence would never be divulged nor shared with others. And when he was put in place of authority or “wali” over the people, they found him to be the best of those to be trusted.



X. - Muhammad (peace be upon him) could neither read nor write, not even his own name. In today's world he would have to use an "X" to "sign" a document. He used a signet ring worn on the little finger of his right hand to seal any documents or letters sent to the leaders of other lands.


Y. Yielding - Muhammad (peace be upon him) would yield his own desires and forego his own ideas in favor of whatever Allah directed him to do. while considering opinions from his followers, he often accepted their ideas over his own, preferring to yield in favor of others as much as possible.


Z. Zealous - Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most zealous of all the Prophets of Allah, in carrying out his mission of "peace through the submission to the will of God." He truly was the most enthusiastic in regard to delivering the message with which he had been entrusted by Allah; the message of "laa elaha illa-Allah, Muhammad-rasululah" (there is none worthy of worship, except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah).


Alief. "Ajeeb" (amazing) - we couldn't resist the chance for one more letter - even if it is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet ("أ" Alief).

Muhammad was truly amazing in every respect. He delivered a message of a complete and total way of life, encompassing everything from the time a person wakes up until time to sleep and from the cradle to the grave. And if someone were to follow this way of life ("deen" in Arabic), they would achieve the greatest success here in this life and the greatest success in the next life as well.  

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