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7-Brides in Africa are Younger than Ten?

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in order to make the picture clearer to the western people in the 21st century, let's compare between a nine-year-old girl in america and a nine-year-old girl in some countries in africa nowadays. the american girl used to live a modern easy life with all means of entertainment, joy and luxury, while the african girl, in some of the black-skin countries, use to shepherd sheep, bring water from wells several kilometers far from her house, know cocking, clean the house, participate in the agricultural works, and carry out other tasks just like the older people in spite of her childhood. these responsibilities make the african girl in the 21st century an intellectually mature girl who is able to run her own affairs when her family is not at home. however, the american or european girl is living a modern easy life and do not bear such heavy responsibilities. she has a baby sitter if her family is not at home. moreover, the african girl in the above mentioned example can take care of the western girl in spite of their equal ages. so, how about the arab girl before 14 centuries? the arab girl then was living in circumstances similar to the african girl in term of tasks and responsibilities. the arab girl at seven and eight years, since 14 centuries, was fully mature and responsible just like the african girl in the above mentioned example. therefore, she cannot be considered similar to the western girl who has no responsibilities. accordingly, the western people should not compare the circumstances of the western girl in the 21st century with the circumstances of the arab girl before 14 centuries, because any judgment like this will be inaccurate and not just in the best cases. moreover, the western people should take into consideration that the body of the girl in the hot regions reaches maturity before the girls in the cold regions. the femininity of the girl in the hot regions appears before the femininity of girls in the cold regions; therefore, she will be qualified for marriage in early age. this is exactly the case in the arabian peninsula before 14 centuries. the environment of the arabian peninsula makes the girls mature in early age, contrary to the environment of europe & america; therefore, there is no way for the criticizers to compare.


this fact was realized by the english orientalist r.v.c. bodley, grandson of sir thomas bodley, the founder of bodley library, author of "wind in the sahara", "the messenger", and other fourteen books, after visiting the arabian peninsula. he said after such visit:

"aisha, though was young, was mature and grew up quickly like the other arab women. such early marriage still exists in asia & east europe, and is a natural habit in spain and portugal until recently" (15). the english author added: "since she entered the house of muhammad peace be upon him all people felt her presence, and if there was a girl knowing fully what is marriage, aisha will be such girl.  she has built her character since the first day of her life in the house of the prophet peace be upon him which was attached to the masjed.(16)





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